A to Zzzz Full Sleep Training Package $500

· 90 minute phone consultation

o Review of full sleep history

o Review of current sleep issues & home environment

o Summary of sleep traing methods & effectiveness

o Education of age appropriate sleep schedules and routines

o 24 hour sleep plan of action

· 2 weeks of once a day email exchange follow-ups as you progress through the sleep training process


Q & A Sleep Training Packages:*

Package 1: 50 minute phone consultations $150  

· 50 minute phone consultation to discuss and develop a sleep plan of action for a specific sleep issue such as early rising or bedtime battles.  This consultation can also be used as a follow up to a prior sleep training package.


Package 2: Series of 5 email exchanges $150

·   5 email exchanges to be used as a Q & A follow-up to a prior sleep training package or to answer current sleep questions you may have.


Package 3: Phone and Email Combo $300

· 50 minute phone consultation to discuss and develop a sleep plan of action for 1 specific sleep issue or to be used as a follow up to a prior sleep training package.

· 5 email exchanges to continue the discussion and receive answers to questions that may arise during or after the sleep training process.



* Please note: Q & A Sleep Training Packages are used to help one specific sleep problem or provide follow up to past sleep training packages. If you are a first time client who has more than 1 specific sleep issue, these packages should not be used in lieu of the full sleep training package. To get more information or to discuss your situation with Dr. Roban to figure out the right package for your family, please contact us at (646) 504-9448 or


Additional information on Sleep Training Packages:

Pediatric Sleep Specialist Dr. Roban's SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ
healthy sleep program consists of a 90-minute consultation and 2 weeks of once per day email exchanges. The initial consultation is either in person or via phone.

During the consultation, Dr. Roban takes a full sleep history to learn about your child's sleep habits from birth until present. Your family situation (single or dual income family, childcare help, current daily schedules, home layout, etc.) is discussed, and all available sleep training methods are reviewed. You and Dr. Roban decide together the best sleep training method for your family and a 24 hour sleep program is developed for your child. This is like a "plan of action" so you know exactly how to deal with your child's sleep every minute of the day and night. On the day you decide to begin the actual sleep training, once per day email correspondence begins for the purpose of reviewing sleep training progress, getting any of your questions answered, and emotional support. These emails take place over a time frame of 2 weeks.

Dr. Roban also offers a series of 5 email exchanges and/or a 50 minute phone consultation for previous clients who have completed their initial consultation package but would like more follow up in the future.  New clients who are struggling with only one specific sleep issue (for example, early rising or bedtime battles or crib-to-bed transition) can also opt for a 50 minute phone consultation and/or a series of 5 email exchanges. 

Your child & sleep don't have to be strangers. Contact Dr. Roban by calling (646) 504-9448 for information about sleep training for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children. Dr. Roban has shared the SLEEP-EEZ techniques with parents throughout the nation. If you are interested in having pediatric sleep consultant Dr. Roban address your group, visit the healthy sleep contact page.

Parent/Corporate Wellness Education, SLEEP WELL/WORK WELL
Dr. Roban is available to speak as a Parent Educator to your group of parents struggling with child sleep issues.  She is also available to speak to working parents within a corporation as part of a Corporate Wellness Program through her division of SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ, SLEEP WELL/WORK WELL.  These workshops are often 1 1/2 hours in length and entail a 30 minute education on sleep, it's importance, and how to get a family well rested.  The final hour is open to Q & A so that every attendee can leave with at least one question answered and techniques to take home and implement immediately.  However, Dr. Roban can certainly tailor these workshops to suit your individual needs.  Please contact Dr. Roban at 646-504-9448 to discuss further.