What Is Sleep Training?

Consistent sleep is so important for your baby. Sleep training can help your infant sleep on his her own for longer, uninterrupted periods of time. This leads to healthier, happier babies - and healthier, happier parents. But babies aren't the only children who struggle when it comes to sleep. Toddler and preschooler sleep training can help ease an anxious household, too.

So what is sleep training? It’s a methodology that teaches you, as parents, how to get your children to fall asleep unassisted, stay asleep during nap time and night time, and get themselves to fall back to sleep unassisted. Parents learn how to help their children acquire this critical self soothing skill which they will keep with them the rest of their lives. Dr. Roban has created a comprehensive and easy-to-understand approach to sleep training your child which can be tailored to your family’s individual needs. The SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ method, combined with the sensitive and compassionate support of Dr. Roban, will give parents and caregivers the knowledge and emotional strength they need to get their children sleeping through the night.

Studies have proven that children who are well rested are healthier: physically, emotionally and cognitively. More sleep means a lesser chance of depression, anxiety, obesity and behavioral problems for the children. The same holds true for well rested adults.  They are at less risk for life threatening diseases, emotionally more stable, more attentive, and more productive at work.

Baby sleep training shouldn’t begin until the infant is at least 4 months and 14lbs. At this point, your baby is both cognitively and physically ready to sleep through the night. You also shouldn’t start baby sleep training nor continue with any sleep program if your child is ill. All sleep training is halted until a child is 100% healthy and you get the green light from your pediatrician to move forward with sleep training.

Sleep training older children, while not as easy, is also incredibly effective. Approximately 50% of Dr. Roban’s pediatric sleep consultancy is working with parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age children. Dr. Roban incorporates a lot of her training as a child psychologist into her sleep training programs for older children. Parents who implement sleep training older children give their children an advantage at home and in daycare/preschool/elementary school settings. Many of Dr. Roban’s clients report wishing they had embarked on the sleep training journey earlier, as they can’t believe they waited so long for the life changing results from getting their family well rested!

Sleep training leads to healthier and happier children, as well as healthier, happier and more productive parents.  Contact Dr. Roban by calling (646) 504-9448. Dr. Roban has shared the SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ techniques with parents nationwide.  If you are interested in having pediatric sleep consultant Dr. Roban address your parenting group or the working parents within your corporate wellness program, visit the healthy sleep contact page.