Sleep Tips for Parents

The SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ and SLEEP WELL / WORK WELL Top 10 Parenting Tips to Correct Sleep Issues

• If you teach your child good sleep habits EARLY, you will PREVENT sleep problems.

• Develop a REGULAR and AGE APPROPRIATE sleep schedule for your child and COMMIT to it.

• Develop a BRIEF and CONSISTENT nap time and bedtime ROUTINE. Children feel safe and comforted knowing what will occur at sleep time every day.

• Provide your child with MOTIONLESS SLEEP. This means no rocking, strolling, bouncing, etc. This will allow your child to learn to fall asleep unassisted.

• Put your child to sleep BEFORE becoming overtired. The MORE TIRED your child, the HARDER it is to fall asleep and stay asleep.

• An EARLY bedtime provides your child with ample opportunity to get the 11-12 hours of nighttime sleep NEEDED.

• Do not shorten or cut out naps hoping for a longer night of sleep. The MORE well rested your child is during the day, the BETTER your child will sleep at night.

• Parental CONSISTENCY in schedules, routines, and sleep training methods is the key to raising a good sleeper. Remember that CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT lead to success.

• Think of sleep as a HEALTH ISSUE, just as you would nutrition. It is a basic biological need to eat and to SLEEP for both you and your child.

• In order to get the Zzzz's, you must follow the ABC's (ASSERTIVE parenting behavior, BELIEF in yourself and your child, and COMMITMENT to sleep training).

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