Importance of Sleep

Why Is Sleep So Important?

No one would argue that children and adults' nutrition is considered a health issue. Children and adults' sleep should be thought of as a health issue, as well. Sleep is a basic biological need, and is just as important to children and adults' daily functioning as is proper nutrition. Without it, children and adults' physical, cognitive, and emotional and behavioral well being is greatly hindered. No one can function well when sleep deprived.

Most parents would not give their children ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as that diet would be considered quite unhealthy. So why is it that parents are not as serious and committed about their children's sleep as we are about their nutrition? This is probably because the majority of children's sleep occurs at the end of the day when we, as parents, have exerted all our energies on other parenting issues throughout the day, and are just plain exhausted! However, all those other parenting issues during the day will be a lot easier to deal with once your family is well rested.

Research Results on Baby Sleep and Toddler Sleep
Sleep is related to children's physical, cognitive and psychological growth and development.
Healthy sleep has been shown to improve children and adults' mood, temperament, cognitive development and performance. Well-rested children and adults also have fewer behavior problems at home, school, and the workplace.
Sleep deprivation is also detrimental to parents' health. Recent research has shown that sleep deprived adults are more likely to acquire life threatening diseases, are more irritable and anxious, have much slower reaction times (especially when driving), and are less attentive, focused, organized, and productive.

Your baby and your whole family need sleep to stay healthy.  Contact Dr. Roban by calling (646) 504-9448 for information about developing better baby and child sleep habits. Dr. Roban has shared the SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ techniques with parents across the nation. If you are interested in having pediatric sleep consultant Dr. Roban address your parenting group or working parents within your corporate wellness program, visit the healthy sleep contact page.