Articles on Children and Sleep

Let Crying Babies Lie: Study Supports Notion of Leaving Infants to Cry Themselves To Sleep
Science Daily - 1/2/13

Parents Can Let Sleepless Babies Cry It Out: Study - 9/10/12

A Nap A Day Keeps Tantrums Away
Daily Rx - 1/10/12

Infant's Sleep Woes May Persist Into Toddlerhood
My Health News Daily - 1/4/12

Sleep Shortage a Trigger for Post Natal Depression
NZ Herald - 10/6/2011

Parental Counseling May Help Kids' Sleep
Fox News - 9/12/2011

The School Bully is Sleepy
The NY Times - 6/2/2011

Sleep Lack Linked to Bullying Behavior - 5/31/2011

Children 'Missing Out On Sleep' Newsround Finds
BBC News Education - 3/15/2011

Sleep Well, Grow Healthy: World Sleep Day Promotes Healthy Sleep For Infants, Children and All Ages On March 18, 2011
PR Newswire - 3/15/2011

Grown-Up Problems Start At Bedtime
Wall Street Journal - 1/18/2011

Too Little Sleep Raises Obesity Risk in Children
Reuters - 9/9/2010

Relaxing Bedtime Routine Helps Children to Sleep Soundly
PHYSORG.COM - 8/19/2010

Sleep Affects Kids in School: How Much Do Yours Need?
USA Today - 8/12/2010

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?
AOL Health - 7/31/2010

Early Bedtime Benefits: Young Children Who Sleep More Score Higher in School
American Academy of Sleep Medicine - 6/7/2010

Pediatricians May Miss Your Child's Sleep Problems
U.S. News & World Report - 5/12/2010

One Quarter of Children Who Sleep Fewer Than 10 Hours
A Night Become Overweight By The Age of 10
Medical News Today - 11/19/2008

10 Reasons Not to Skimp on Sleep
U.S. News & World Report - 10/16/2008 

How Not To Get A Baby To Sleep
Time - 4/8/2008

Want to Lose That Baby Weight? Get Some Sleep
Reuters - 11/19/2007

Snooze or Lose
New York Magazine - 10/7/2007

How to Get Kids to Sleep More
 New York Magazine - 10/7/2007

Babies' Sleep Tied to Childhood Obesity

For Getting Baby To Sleep, Sticking to a Plan is What Counts
The NY Times - 12/12/2006

Young Children Getting Fewer Hours of Sleep
Eurek Alert! - 11/28/2005

Less Sleep Impacts Directly Of Children's Performance in School
Medical News Today - 11/13/2005

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